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Since 1966, and now strong of a long and consolidated experience, we are able to provide a top notch
product quality that can even satisfy the needs of the highest demanding customer

Preferring Cartiera del Viglanetto over other companies the customer choses...


Between the best mills in Italy, the quality of our products comes from the passion and experience in the sector. Able to produce the whole range of tissue paper, we excel in our sector guaranteeing quality and attention to detail.


We offer a satisfying and punctual customer service, we organize shipments according to the customer's requests and we always do our best to meet every type of need, managing to fully satisfy even the most demanding customers.


We prefer cellulose by companies that adopt reforestation policies. We own a water depuration and recovery system, as well as a cogeneration system to self-produce electricity, steam and hot water. Using natural gas as fuel we reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The core business of the Vignaletto Paper Mill consists of high grade virgin
semi-worked bleached cellulose.

The paper is produced in reels, wound and assembled in sheets of up to 4 ply, with 2 variable basis weights from 15tgo/m 45 g/m2, and is destined for the production of:

  • Tissue
  • Facial Tissue
  • White and printed Napkins (also with full backgrounds)
  • Normal and soft Toilet paper
  • Household and industrial paper towels
  • Hand towels
  • tissue paper for sanitary napkins
  • Diapers
  • Medical sector paper
  • More by specific request

The paper mill also produces a fair range of pastel colored papers. The two current production machines are a TWIN WIRE FORMER with a working height of 280 cm and a CRESCENT FORMER with a working height of 280 cm. Both of these machines boast advanced technologies that allow for the production of highly resistant, soft and absorbent papers.

We also own a fairly wide storage space dedicated to raw materials, guaranteeing continuous production even during periods of difficult supply availability, and extended space dedicated to the storage of finished products, allowing us to satisfy the demand for immediate delivery to its clients.

For the range of Airlaid Thermobonded and Airlaid Multibonded products, please visit the website of our other paper mill M.A.I.N. in Matera.


A little look to our past and our present days.


Here are our current certifications:


Paper from responsible sources

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Promoting a low impact forest management

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OK compost - Compostable packaging

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Our certificates reflect our commitment to an eco-sustainable and zero-impact production.

Ask for our certified products.


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